Jasmine Oil Uses for Seniors

Jasmine Oil Uses for Seniors

Jasmine oil is an expensive essence. For only one liter of essential oil, you need more than eight million freshly bloomed flowers.  The rich aroma of jasmine can be used as incense in a room with a relaxing and romantic atmosphere – ideal if you are planning a candlelit dinner with a particularly dear guest.

Components of jasmine oil:

 Medicare Supplement Plans 2019Esters – Jasmine is very rich in esters, which can make up 70 percent of the oil. Esters are most chemicals found in essential oils and have a calming effect. They calm the nervous system and have anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. Ketones – Jasmine contains a low concentration of ketone. It provides a warm, scented smell and strong therapeutic properties.

Linalyl acetate and benzyl acetate add a warm, floral scent to jasmine.

Jasmine is a wonderful fragrant oil, which also has therapeutic properties.

Jasmine oil usage for the elderly:

Soothing and stress relieving jasmine is a great fragrance for enhancing mental abilities, relaxing the body and improving the atmosphere in the house.

As a skin care product:

Add 5-6 drops of jasmine oil in a water bath to soften the skin.

Treatment of irritated skin:

Prepare a mixture containing:

2 drops of jasmine oil;

1 drop of lavender oil;

1 drop of chamomile oil;

10 ml lotion or cream with aloe vera.

Apply the mixture on the affected areas a couple of times each day.

For smooth and dry skin on the elbows and knees, the following mixture is suitable:

2 drops of jasmine oil;

4 drops of chamomile oil;

4 drops of sandalwood oil;

20 ml of sweet almond oil;

10 ml jojoba oil.

Rub into dry skin twice daily.

Jasmine oil is also used in the preparation of body lotions to soften rough skin areas, such as elbows.

Other uses of Jasmine:

Jasmine is known as the “king of flower oils”.

In ancient times, it was believed that the burning leaves of jasmine attract wealth. If you burn them in the bedroom, they cause prophetic dreams.

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